Personal Brand versus being an actual person

Personal brand

DOES THE DATA DRIVEN WORLD OBJECTIFY US? This may or may not be the last post in my series around „identity, potential and self-development“, that I think is crucial to think through as an artist! In my last post I was honing in on the pledge for more freedom as opposed to restrictive identity boxes. We […]

Trade in Identity for Potential


So, subsequently to my last post, I have found some new views. Instead of focussing on the term identity, which automatically leads to us clinging to some ideas of who we think we are, putting us into boxes, and forcing us to hold on to what we seem to like or not like and ultimately […]

Who do you think you are?


I´m an artist! I love to do some deep thinking at times! Or am I? Do I? Anyone here wanna reflect with me on who we are? Last year around this time I was hooked on the TV series Westworld (1st season was phenomenal), which I thought was thought provoking in philosophical ways like no […]

Some Album updates!

Debut Album

Heya my lovelies! It has been long time no see…and I need to apologize for the long pause in posting updates! 2020 has been very good to me so far, except for the current situation, we are all facing! I am hoping that you are all staying at home as best you can and being […]

Another year gone by!

new year

Another year that´s almost in the books! As always, my annual summary is due! And this year has been an emotional rollercoaster for sure! Struggling with personal matters in ways, that left me drained and powerless at times,to the point that I wanted to fade into thin air….I managed to pull through and ground myself…The […]

Please Lord


Wow- it has s been almost a month! And recordings for my album are basically done! All ready to be mixed! Another exciting process that is about to begin! This will be one of the last songs I will introduce lyrically. „Please Lord“ is a song about finding faith, when you have hit the ground. When […]