Release Radar: New song “Gambler” to drop July 22nd!


“Gambler” is Katie Wellenberg´s first single of her upcoming storytelling album “Time Will Tell”. The song drops on July 22nd.

Fans of progressive Americana-pop listen up. Katie Wellenberg drops an empowering country-track titled “Gambler“, that will put any heartbreaking player back in their place. The lyric driven song plays with witty cowgirl charms and alludes to a woman´s resistance against letting her heart be broken by a Casanova type of man.

The idea stems from being on somebody´s hook who enjoys playing games. “I wanted to be a voice for all the women who do not stand up and take back control. With Gambler I am telling them that I have their back. Music has always been like a best friend to me and I write from a “place of truth and connectivity”, says Katie Wellenberg.

Gambler is one of 7 songs which make up a new album titled “Time Will Tell” (to drop in the fall of this year).  The record takes listeners on a journey through a romantic relationship, from love to loss through grief and ultimately towards healing and renewal.

“The album took months to be recorded, because I wanted to get things right without compromising. I really honed in on arrangement and storytelling elements and hope that these song babies will be well received.” says the artist.

Gambler drops on July 22nd.

The track was recorded and produced by Alex Keogh at Munich Sessions Studio and mastered by Libertree Music.

Written and arranged by Katie Wellenberg

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Artwork by Katie Wellenberg.