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Thanks for stopping by my site. My name is Katie , I am a singer/songwriter from Munich/Germany. My love of blues and country music goes back a long way. Songs like Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin, Nights in White Satin by Moody Blues and many more all time classics still bring up tons of childhood memories. I started writing songs at age 14 and have been writing ever since. Yet only after a trip to Nashville have I decided to create this little page.  You can soon find my songs within the section „music“. Most of the songs were written by myself (all rights reserved). They tell stories drawn from real life.

My musical journey:

Almost all my life music played a major role. At the tender age of four I started taking ballet classes, which was soon followed by an early musical education based on the Orff method. I then started playing the flute at age five, followed by guitar lessons at age 8. Begged my parents to buy me my first electric guitar when I was eleven and later also made them purchase a keyboard, a set of congas and various other little instruments. I played in the school´s band in my senior highschool year until graduation. After that I waved my musical career goodbye to go study Roman languages and philosophy at the university of Munich. I kept writing songs on the side, but wouldn´t tell noone.

In 2014 I realized I was unhappy. I missed making music and creating songs, so I started playing the guitar again and writing lyrics day and night. In 2015 I went to  a songwriting workshop in Munich and bam (!)…there I stood…all excited to follow my musical path again. I took on singing lessons with Agnes Lazar and picked up percussion and drum classes with Janine Schmidt soon after as well. In June 2018 I successfully passed my audio engineering exam at Akademie Deutsche Pop in Munich. I can now call myself a certified audio engineer, who predominantly works with Logic X and Pro Tools.

This is my life…singing, playing the guitar, hitting the drums and writing / recording songs.

I am currently working on my song arrangements in the studio and will hopefully soon share my first EP with you online. So long,