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“The essence of a human life is their story”


Based in Munich/Germany, singer-songwriter Katie Wellenberg mixes captivating, often visual lyric-writing with straight-foward melodic hooks in an attempt to send listeners on a quest for meaning within their souls.

“Music in its very essence is a most powerful form of communication that triggers a response from within the body, soul and mind. It is the lyrics that can get us thinking, while the compositions take us way beyond conscious understanding. Being present is the hardest thing and yet being present means being at peace. Music does that for us. It holds us, pushes us and unapologetically displays who we truly are.”

Katie´s goal is to strenghten people in their world within, to help them put up with the world around – with all its glory, majesty and cruelty.

Her debut album “Root To Rise” was an hommage to the life of a highly sensitive woman in her transition from savage teenage years towards maturity and self-discovery.

Her second album “Time Will Tell” is currently in the making and will comprise 10 love songs that take listeners from wishful thinking past emotional torments towards liberation and healing.

“All I ever wanted was for my music to have an impact on peoples´lives in the way music has impacted -and often times saved mine.”


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