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  Katie Wellenberg – Singer/Songwriter

New EP “Fractions of π ” coming soon

Based in Munich/Germany, singer-songwriter Katie Wellenberg mixes captivating, often visual lyric-writing with straight-foward melodic hooks in an attempt to send listeners on a quest for meaning within their souls.

Following her albums “Root to Rise” (2020) and “Time Will Tell” (2022), Katie is releasing her 3 song EP “Fractions of π ” in 2024.
The title is an allusion to the incompleteness of storytelling. π is an irrational number with endless digits behind the comma. It is used to calculate the circumference and the area of a circle, but it will only ever conclude approximate results.

“This is what our life´s stories are to me. Pieces or say dots that we connect and weave into a continuous thread – a narrative – that might help us gain some sort of “big picture” understanding of ourselves and our life´s meaning.”

Although not a physical constant, π appears routinely in equations describing fundamental principles of the universe, often because of π‘s relationship to the circle and to spherical coordinate systems, according to Wikipedia.

Fractions of π drops May 31st on all major streaming platforms.

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photo credit: @katherine.aronina