“Time Will Tell” is out now! – Media Release


Katie Wellenberg drops her 2nd album “Time Will Tell” – a storytelling compound of 8 songs to take listeners from heartbreak to healing

8 songs divided into 5 chapters (Denial, Pain, Acceptance, Healing, Regeneration) take listeners on a journey through different statges of grief in a battle from heartbreak towards healing.

“Time Will Tell” is Katie Wellenberg´s second studio album and sets out to depict various forms of (romantic) relationships and the frustration, denial, pain, longing and finally healing that come with those as we mature throughout the journey and learn to love and be loved in healthy ways.

With songs ranging from Country-Americana (Gambler) to folky ballads (Time Will Tell), the album invites listeners to live through whatever emotion they are experiencing at a certain stage in a non-judgemental way.

“I suppose the album could easily become an endless circular loop, as in life we often think we finally understand things and got them down, just so to fall right back into old habits. Maturing and healing are ongoing, non-linear processes I guess” says the songwriter.

The stories were inspired by past personal experiences as much as by the lives of people in my surrounding. I always love to tell a story in every song but with this album, I am really telling a story over a span of 8 songs, that make one body of work.

For fans of Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow and Courtney Marie Andrews, this album might be right up their ally.

I am deeply inspired by female songwriters that speak truth and add a little fiction here and there – always honoring the alchemy that music making really is. Meeting listeners in places of heartship, taking them by the hand and together diving deep before rising up high. To me personally that is what music is all about.” says Katie Wellenberg

Credits: Time Will Tell was produced and mixed by Alex Keogh I Munich Sessions Studio and mastered by Libertree

Musicians: Caro Kelley on Piano, Banjo, Backing Vocals, Alex Keogh on Lead Guitars, P.R. Thompson on Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Joel Moser on Drums & Percussion, Mark Keane on Bass, Wiebke Michl on Violin

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4kmlT971GBVe2KGCtLT1zJ?si=nno_JZCjR4-ORhJL7zsooQ

Listen on Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/de/album/time-will-tell/1649917580

Stream or Buy on Bandcamp: https://katiewellenberg.bandcamp.com/album/time-will-tell

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0QYmWnAiZfKXIU7pl9XWAe?si=kKJi2OL3SD-fMBA112kDHw

Web: http://katie-wellenberg.com/


Media shoutouts 2022:


Music Mecca:

“…The song’s chorus displays a bold and brave sentiment, as Wellenberg sings, “I’m a born gambler baby / Try to break my heart / But don’t come running to me / If it ain’t in your cards.” The instrumentation has most endearing country-western undertones, and as a whole hones a sense of confidence and pride…”


The Sounds Won´t Stop:

“…Her Vocals are pure and smooth with passion and heart behind her performance across the board and the song builds and becomes this sort of cinematic feeling. It’s lush and has this simple but vast soundscape. It certainly has an impactful approach and makes you think…. ”


A&R Factory:

“Lyrically, Wellenberg shows us the epitome of humanity through visually striking poetry. Instrumentally, her roots-deep melodic hooks draw you further into the single, which shows how above the charade of superficial charm she is. Needless to say, we should all be at the same level as the stunningly unf*ckwithable Munich-based singer-songwriter.”


Illustrate Magazine:


Right Chord:

“Katie Wellenberg is a singer-songwriter who can weave a compelling storyline that tugs at the heartstrings but leaves an indelible message.”