Who do you think you are?


I´m an artist! I love to do some deep thinking at times! Or am I? Do I? Anyone here wanna reflect with me on who we are? Last year around this time I was hooked on the TV series Westworld (1st season was phenomenal), which I thought was thought provoking in philosophical ways like no […]

Some Album updates!

Debut Album

Heya my lovelies! It has been long time no see…and I need to apologize for the long pause in posting updates! 2020 has been very good to me so far, except for the current situation, we are all facing! I am hoping that you are all staying at home as best you can and being […]

Please Lord


Wow- it has s been almost a month! And recordings for my album are basically done! All ready to be mixed! Another exciting process that is about to begin! This will be one of the last songs I will introduce lyrically. “Please Lord” is a song about finding faith, when you have hit the ground. When […]