One year of intensive songwriting


It´s May 1st and it just came to my mind, that this day marks a one year anniversary kind of! I have been writing songs for almost 20 years now. It has always been a hobby, at times a form of therapy and a more creative way of journaling my life. However, it wasn´t until 2 years ago, that I started writing more regularly. And one year ago today, on May 1st, I took my first step towards taking my art seriously. I had participated in a songwriting seminar by Patricia Kelly in Munich. It was by mere coindicence that I found out about it on April 28th! After a long inner battle with myself and countless inner discussions about whether to go there or not ( I am rather shy and I had never played my songs to anyone at the time being), I decided to give it a go…I put away my fears and went! And to my delight I did not have to partake proactively. I asked some questions and the advice Patricia gave, has changed my songwriting approaches whatsoever! After this one hour workshop I felt lifted to a new level.. May 1st shall remain a turning point in my  creative life. I started taking vocal classes as a result! I am constantly working on improving my guitar skills and of course I am constantly writing songs. I am thankful for the possibilities music provides! I am thankful for art!

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