Studio Recordings – Day 1 is in the books!

What a day! Friday 25th 2019! This is a stepping stone in the birth of my musical baby! The first paces are the hardest they say!

Not for me! I got to spend the day in the studio, listening to Joel laying down all drum grooves!

What a privilege to see and listen to somebody as talented as him play all day long for you! Playing to the songs you´ve written!

Every beat sitting in the right spot! Every brushstroke striking a chord within you! Beautiful!





Day one was a success! But the hardest part (for me) is still ahead! Adding strings and vocals will take some time!

There´s no room for „almost good“. For once in my life, doing my absolute best is mandatory! Art means everything to me! My music

means everything! I want people to feel the same way about those songs! I want them to feel the love that went in!

It´s all about communication! About connection and comfort! My music has a purpose. I have a mission and you, yes- you,

who´s reading this, you who may listen, you have my heart!

I just wanna say: Thank you!

Tomorrow I´ll introduce my first song and let you know what it is all about! Stay tuned!