One song at a time! Introducing album tracks!

Hey my friends,


I promised to introduce you to some of my songs that will make it on my debut album!

And today I would like to start by sharing the first two verses for „Everybody„.


This song reflects on some „false believes“ that we all fall prey to now and then.

We are sold a lot of „lies“ by the media, institutions and even by the people around us.

Aren´t we all brainwashed? Conditioned? Screwed?

In this globally connected world with its endless possibilities, everbody wants to make it big. And hard work can get you far- that´s what they say. But is that really true?

Aren´t we all worker bees made to believe we´ll be a queen bee if only we keep giving it our very best as a honeybee?  Hmmmm

Anyhow, here are the first two verses and I hope I can inspire you to give this topic some thoughts!


They sell you dreams in dollar stores    

They spread their lies in magazines

They tell you everything is possible

Call it American dream…

They say they care about your happiness

They say God bless, then wish you luck!

Beware of what you´re searching for

Maybe it isn’t in your blood


They tell you stories of a miracle

Made by ordinary men

They say if they can do it, so can you

They say we´re all the same  

They´ll ask you to believe in you  

Like you´re an omnipotent God  

Beware of what you´re searching for

Maybe it isn’t in your blood  


This song will most likely be one of the opening songs on the album! I cannot wait to present a snippet soon! So excited to hear your thoughts!