Recording my first studio album!!!

It´s happening! After three and a half years of writing over 100 songs (actually many more, but 100 decent ones), I am ready to record my top 12 tracks, that will land on my first studio album!

As you can imagine, this is an exciting journey that I am just about to embark upon with recordings starting next weekend!

This album will be centered around Americana music, with some folky elements, a bit of blues, pop country and rock.

I am delighted to be working on achieving that perfect sound with my producers Alex Keogh and Patrick Thompson from

Munich Sessions Studio.

This weekend was all about rehearsals, song arrangements and the like and got me super excited!!

I will document the recording process for you a bit within the next weeks.

This includes introducing songs and the ideas that inspired them and providing some insights into the recording process as well!

So stay tuned and follow me along the way to creating my first music album!