Next live appearance

Hello again my lovelies!

Long time no see!

I´ve been busy living life! Hope you were, too! But now I´m ready for some serious action!
And therefore I am announcing my next live appearance on October 16th at Milla Song Slam!

I will be playing a 8 minute set! If you guys come see me and vote for me, I´ll get to do a second set! 😉

So, please come see me and support me! There´ll be some awesome (!) musicians there…so I´ll need any help I can get;)

If you wanna see me clinging to my guitar (for dear life) and eating that mic up- on a stage, here are the details:

Milla Club
Holzstr. 28

Doors open at 19.00, show starts at 20.00!

See you there;)