„That Magic Stuff“ to drop on all major streaming platforms on April 22nd

That Magic Stuff Cover


Many people are familar with those seemingly perfect relationships. Be it their own relationship or people in their surrounding that seem to keep up a façade no matter the costs. Life is messy and so are people.

These kind of relationships can be painful and traumatizing and as a result LA based lyricist and screenwriter Lynda Levy and Munich based singer/songwriter Katie Wellenberg teamed up to create a song about the topic.

That Magic Stuff pulls listeners into a toxic romantic partnership that looks shiny on the outside, but is empty of true love.The country ballad makes you think of old school country classics by Faith Hill or Martina McBride with a simply, clean production and enticing slide guitars to underline the tragedy.

The track was produced at Munich Sessions Studio in Munich with Alex Keogh being the producer in charge. Drums by Joel Moser, Piano by Caroline Kelley, Bass and Electic Guitars by Alex Keogh, Acoustic Guitars/ Vocals and Percussion by Katie Wellenberg.

Mastered by Libertree Berlin.

The song drops on all major streaming platforms on April 22nd.

Stream on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/613ZtFgJDcse455mdh7840?si=JGWEWk9yQSmFoLnCOPUjDQ

or watch the Lyric video:

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