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Press Release: Katie Wellenberg drops debut album!

Album Release: July 31st 2020

Root to Rise is a compoud of 11 Americana & Folk inspired tracks reflecting on human relationships built around love, faith and social conventions. Katie describes her debut album as a love letter to human emotions, the good, the bad, the weird and the unlabeled ones. The song inspirations stem from a period of 15 years of her life, going back to teenage memories and past relationships as much as her present day issues and incorporating social criticism as well.

The album basically transports the emotions a young woman goes through in her mid 20ies and 30ies, which typically marks a time of immense personal development, change and readjustment of personal believe systems, dreams and perspectives on life“ says the artist.

The album´s  title „Root to Rise“ alludes to a traditional Yoga flow excercise which aims at feeling safe and grounded while daring to stand tall and reach high. The term perfectly sums up Katie´s songwriting journey that started 24 years ago, being a teenage kid with nothing but a journal and a dream, that seemed so out of reach at the time being, but prooved to be attainable after all!  „Chasing dreams requires hard work and a bit of naivety and playfulness. It basically takes a good amount of groundedness paired with the courage to let go of doubts and shoot high.“

This dream took a long time to manifest itself! Pouring her inner life into folky tunes with blues and pop/rock elements and tons of storytelling lyrics,  Katie decided in 2019 to finally record this set of original songs, that are rooted in her introspect character and are now ready to hopefully rise high on playlist charts!

All tracks were recorded and produced at Munich Sessions Studio in Germany with producers Alex Keogh and Patrick Thompson and mastered by Libertee Music Berlin.

Session Musicians were: Patrick Thompson on guitars, Mark Keane on Bass, Joel Moser on Drums/Percussion and Caroline Kelley on Piano + backing vocals.

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