Lessons / Workshops

I will soon inform you about upcoming workshops and classes. A focus will lie on Songwriting workshops in Munich as well as recording services for singers and songwriters that would like to take the next step.  Stay up to date by subscribing to my newsletter or keep coming back here every now and then!


Guitar lessons for beginners:

Wanna learn how to play chords on a guitar, so you can accompany vocals?

Wanna learn basic finger picking patterns and cool strumming patterns, too?

Wanna learn to understand music theory a bit better?

Good news is: I´m here to help! Offering you guitar lessons in Munich:

Prices are:

for 45 minutes : 30 Euros
for 30 minutes: 25 Euros
In a group of two:
for 45 minutes : 20 Euros
for 30 minutes: 15 Euros

Workshop: Songwriting & Recording  

dates to be announced!

Interested? Drop me a message at kwellenberg @ hotmail.com