“Play the fool!”


If there´s one driving force in my life it is love. And it is my love of creating that makes me get up and dress for the day each morning! Creativity is a life elixir. To me at the very least it is! And I am so happy to have found this spot-on Ted Talk on Inviting in Creativity by non other than Ethan Hawke!

In this 9 minute talk he reveals so many golden nuggets! Food for thought to keep you fed for days! Maybe weeks! There´s one piece that I might carry with me for a lifetime.

Play the fool” Ethan says! Yes, way too often we lose access to our childlike creativity and playfulness because we fear to be “less than perfect”. We fear being the fool! Artists especially! We identify with our art way too much, because we know that without it we are nothing! But it´s not the results that matter, it´s the process, as we all know!

In art at the very least, what is the point of “fitting in” when all you are doing is trying to “point out” your innermost emotions? Don´t you get lazy resting your head inside the very box, you are trying to escape so desperately each day. Instead keep resisting the habits that take away more than they give!

One more thought: To connect, us humans, we must first point out those oddities of our souls, hold them high like trophies, show the world who we are, so that through those touchpoints within our souls we can attract each other and make a connection, thus ultimately finding our tribe, a group of likeminded folks! Embracing and expressing your most authentic self is probably the hardest and most rewarding thing to do on this journey called LIFE!

Now, Ethan Hawke, take it away!

With all that said, why not give my song “Fool” a listen right here:

Much love to you all my creative wanderers! X



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