Another year is over…


…365 days that I survived!

It has been a challenging year for the entire world! And yet, in every crisis, there´s opportunities as well! Nature is rejoicing! People have learned to connect in new ways!

On a personal level, it was a blessed year for me! Unlike in prior years, I will not list all the things I accomplished or am proud of. Those of you who followed me on social media know! Instead, I want to look forward! To a new year, to new chapters and new opportunities!


I am not yet sure how to position myself within the music industry in the near future! I´m an artist at my core, but I am not really made for the limelight! Self-promoting myself and my music oftentimes feels slightly disgusting! I posted a lot on Instagram this year, and I did increase my number of followers, but the truth is, that my most favorite posts are those that do not show my face! Art has a soul of its own, and yet, it only ever sells through the artist! Knowing this, I am not sure how to proceed!


One thing I do know though! I want to offer more exclusive content! I might start a patreon page and create exclusive videos and songs solely for my true supporters sometime soon. For those people, that enjoy my art and feel connected! People that take the time to check my website! Like you! Overall, I might even publish some more poetry as well!
I will keep writing songs – my biggest passion of all – and I will release new music in 2021! I´ll also focus on the Song Brewery Blog, sharing my songwriting and music bizz knowledge with likeminded folks!


Within this new world anything is possible! For you, dear reader and for me!

To start the new year off right, I have set up a newsletter sign up for all you guys, who are interested in getting filled in on my new music first as well as receiving unreleased exclusive material!

You can sign up below, and I am very grateful, if you do! <3


Now, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year 2021! May you be healthy, happy and hopeful along the way!

Much love to you from my heart to yours!


X Katie


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