new year

Another year gone by!

Another year that´s almost in the books!

As always, my annual summary is due! And this year has been an emotional rollercoaster for sure!

Struggling with personal matters in ways, that left me drained and powerless at times,to the point that I wanted to fade into thin air….I managed to pull through and ground myself…The last quarter of this year has been tremendously good to me…and made me the happiest I´d been in a long time…as always, I find ways to screw up for myself in the end though!

But first things first…let me walk you through this year from the start to finish:


I remember being on fire over this new project I was about to start, called “The Song Brewery”. It all started over the Christmas break last year…I was drawing a lot, and drawing opens up my subconscious mind in weird ways. I suddenly feel more connected with myself and start processing things. I figured: I love songwriting, it´s part of my DNA and I really love teaching. I concluded that I had to make a move and create a platform for likeminded peers that want to learn with me and from me on their songwriting journey. The Song Brewery was begotten!

January through March were all about creating content, building a website by myself, learning to film screencasts and design scripts.

By April I was ready to launch an Instagram Account, set out to inspire aspiring songwriters worldwide.

But January through April were also important months with regard to my own songwriting career.

I took to the stage more than I had before…participated in songslams, sang on my first wedding, which was an emotional highlight for me, and wrote plenty of new material.

I launched and relaunched  a youtube channel for both the Song Brewery and myself and got (a little) more confident posting videos online.

In August my website launched! What a milestone! Simultaneously I was evaluating songs to be recorded as rough demos for my album.

September made me wanna hide in a hole and die! Luckily, time heals everything!

October marked a turning point like none before. The beginning of my album recordings (which got me hiding in a basement all through October and November more or less).

Katie is recording a music album! This dream has been a naïve revery of a 14 year old once, and has now become an actual project! The beauty of this mystery still leaves me speechless…those who know me, know I am a dreamer…but most of my dreams remain dreams…This one was supposed to come true! And it is! I´m beyond grateful!

Album recordings and my participation in Milla Song Slam in October have brought along more blessings. I got to meet an array of beautiful people that I deeply cherish and admire!

Among them the beautiful, quirky Charlotte Giers, and the wonderful and inspiring Melena! Shoutout to you girls! But most importantly…My crew of musicians and producers, namely, Patrick Thompson and Alex Keogh, Joel Moser, Mark Keane and the lovely Caroline Kelley, as much as their man in charge Jackson Lynch. They have enriched my life with their welcoming hearts and open arms!

My album is scheduled for release in early 2020! I am terrified! Poured my life into these songs!

This year I also started teaching guitar on the side and I am especially proud of Marlon (7 years old) who´s been staying committed for a whole year now! Well done, Marlon!

Looking back a bit further…My life has changed in a hurl since May 1st2015..a day that marked the beginning of my songwriting outcoming as I call it! I want to encourage every dreamer! Everyone in doubt, and everyone who´s shy! I am all of that! But things fall into place, if you have a little faith! I have a lot of faith! I couldn´t have pulled through some of the hard times without it!

For the year to come, my goal is to be strong and gentle always, to learn to accept and let go whenever I need to and to stand back up whenever I fall! Many changes will come and I have big plans musically! So, bring it on!

I am a child of the universe, the Lord, of love! Thank you all and Happy New Year!!

May all your wildest dreams come true, may you be strong and fierce in pursuing them and sweet and gentle in accepting your limitations! Wisdom lies in slowness. One step at a time!

Let´s start steppin!