old vs young

Black and white only works for people with a wild imagination!

Introducing album tracks!

Something just crossed my mind!

Ever wondered why a lot of graphic designers and artists hang up all those b/w photographs? Yeah! They might need those to calm their active imaginative minds! To stay sane more or less….

I honestly love black and white photography- like really harsh contrasts and all! I love how they leave room for interpretation and imagination. But that´s the key! It does require an imaginative mind to fill the space! It´s not for everyone! And I guess some people rely on the b/w art for all the wrong reasons….

People that „think“ in black and white often don´t acknowledge all the cues inbetween! All the options, the truths, the lies, the questions and the experiences. They need something that leaves no room for doubt! Something that creates a sensation of safety and control. Knowing where you stand! The black end or the white end! The yes, the no! the ups, the downs! The dead, the alive, etc.

But what about the maybes, the somehows, the „let´s sees“, the in betweens, the awakening and the fading? What about the transitions, the stepping stones, the hopes and the fears? Aren´t they our favorite emotions? Isn´t that where life takes place?

The suspense in a movie? The unwritten parts? The options and the excitement?

It takes imagination!

Full stop!

This is kind of what my album track „Old versus Young“ is all about!

A situation in which two people with opposite points of view just can´t move away an inch from where they are at! Funny enough, we move from black to white in the blink of an eye, without even noticing, a lot of times. Why? Because we are destined to change constantly! Day to day and year to year…We are much more versatile than we think! It should make us more tolerant and open minded, as well! In an ideal world…i guess….





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