One year as a Conguera



Hello folks,

today is a good day! I´m celebrating a little anniversary. It was a year ago today that I started picking up Congas classes again. I used to play in the school´s band as a teenager and had paused for a long while during my university years and while building my business in the fashion industry.

In 2015 (feeling overwhelmed with mixed feelings like fear, stress,and strain from keeping my business up and running) I felt the urge to go back to making music on an every day basis. I wrote more songs than ever that year, took on vocal classes, started jamming on the piano and decided to pick up playing percussion instruments again. Oh- how I had missed it!

I was lucky to be accepted into a group of advanced players under guidance of Janine Schmidt on December 10th 2015!

Looking back I must say that my skills improved so much within this (intense) year. I am better at coordinating my hands against my feet (we randomly use our feet to play on a cowbell in addition to playing the Congas), I have improved my technique, which results in better sounds, I have adopted new rythmns and fills, have learned to play with a click and am enjoying every minute of my lessons, soaking in any advice I can get from my awesome teacher.

If you have played an instrument as a kid or a teenager and feel sad about having given up on it, I would like to encourage you to give it another go! I can´t express how happy music makes me! Whether it be songwriting, singing, or playing the drums or the guitar. If you find something you´re passionate about, make it a priority in your life! We only live once! Nuff said! 😉